About us

We are a broad alliance of people from the anti-nuclear and anti-coal movements, the Rhineland and Lausitz climate camps and the Hambacher Forest anti-coal campaign. We are from grassroots climate action groups, large environmental organisations, left political groups and many other campaigns, groups and networks.

We all share the belief that to stop climate change we need to take action ourselves, using civil disobedience as a powerful signal for real action to put our climate before profit.

See a full list of our supporters here.

Info: 01577 56 59 965
Legal Team: legalteam@ende-gelaende.org

How to get in touch by mail:

Contact the Camp

If you do have questions concerning child care at the camp, the program or other camp related issues, contact the Lausitzer Klima- und Energiecamp here.

Contact Legal-Team 2015

Some participants of last year’s action received letters from the Police or lawyers of RWE. If you receive any mail concerning ende Gelände 2015 please contact the Legal-Team: antirrr@riseup.net.