Planning Meeting 2017 in Berlin

30. August 2016 After the great succes of Ende Gelände in May the planning meeting for next year will happen end of september/beginning of october in Berlin. Togethere we want to develop ideas for next years. The meeting will take place in the "Technische Universittät Berlin" from Friday, 30th of September, 6PM to Sunday 2nd of October 4PM - please register soon!

Action Conference Rhineland October 28 – 30, Cologne

29. August 2016 On October 28 – 30, 2016, activists of the climate justice and anti-coal movment meet at an Rhineland Action Conference in Cologne, to discuss ideas for 2017. The vision: a lot of different groups and organizations organize their actions – independently, according to what they are best at, but in solidarity. Welcome to register already now!

Climate activism is not a crime!

11. July 2016 Show Solidarity – Trial on 12 July in Görlitz The activist* Clumsy has been in jail now for approx. six weeks. The trial will now take place on the 12th of July. He is accused of having locked himself to the railway tracks of a coal train to the power station “Schwarze Pumpe” at Ende … Continued

International climate celebrities support us!

8. May 2016 Our action attracts attention also in the sphere of international debate. Alberto Acosta, Vandana Shiva, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky... and many other prominent characters in the fight for climate justice signed our Global Call for Support and confirmed us in the belief, that we will not stop climate change if we do not take action from below and force governments and corporations to shut down fossil infrastructure. Read here the complete list of signatories.

Got a letter because of Ende Gelände 2015?

17. April 2016 If you get any post regarding Ende Gelände 2015, whether it is from the police, state prosecutor (Staatsanwalt) or RWE sollicitors: do not sign anything. If any of these bodies attempt to get in touch, do not respond. Please contact for advice on further steps (Pgp key is available).

Invitation to our last preparatory meeting

4. April 2016 Only five weeks remain until Ende Gelaende will set a sign in Lusatia against fossil fuels and the current economic system. We are working full speed and preparations are sort of on track. All those interested in joining us for the last stretch of our journey are warmly invited to our last preparatory meeting on 22nd and 23rd April in Hannover.