the climate is negotiated here!

2016 is the crucial year that will determine the future of coal in Lusatia. Vattenfall, one of the big energy corporations in Germany, wants to sell the coal mines and power plants, instead of shutting them down as they should. We say: If Vattenfall wants to ditch its business in Lusatia just to leave the dirty job to someone else, we will put our foot in the door. And we will step on the toes of the leaders in current climate politics. For we can neither wait for nor trust in their politics. In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, this coal has to remain in the ground!

Our Action is a publicly announced mass blockade. Anyone who wishes to participate is able to, regardless of whether they are experienced with similar protests or not. We behave in a calm and cool-headed way. Escalation will not be provoked by us. We will block and occupy with our bodies. Our action is an image of diversity, creativity and openness.

In spring 2016 we say: Ende Gelände (Here and no further) for lignite coal in Lusatia.

We are the investment risk!

We’re saying to potential buyers, if you want to invest in lignite in 2016, we will meet you with our resistance. Coal’s time is up. Now, we as a global society need a plan – how to organise and finance a social and ecological transformation beyond the logic of capitalistic profit and growth. It is up to us to build a democratic energy system!

We mark the end of Fossil Capitalism

We will turn up wherever the climate is turned into capital. Whether it is new mines or dirty power plants – our action is a promise: We will come back, until the last coal mine is shut down for good. But we are not just fighting against coal, or fracking, or oil: We are here to fundamentally challenge the logic of profit and the madness of growth.

We are Global

Ende Gelaende is part of a world-wide uprising against extractivism. Between the 4th and the 15th of May 2016 people of five continents will carry out disruptive actions of civil disobedience against the infrastructure of the climate catastrophe. Together we will show that the time has come to “Break Free from Fossil Fuels”.

We are Ende Gelände!

We have to take Climate Justice into our own hands. Thousands of us come to Lusatia from 13th to 16th May to block the coal infrastructure with a mass action of civil disobedience. Together we shut down an open cast mine and show to the world: Whoever invests in coal, reaps resistance!